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Asavea Hair Straightening Brush Review

asavea hair straightening brushIf someone were to ask me what the best way to straighten hair is, I would say that it’s any method that does not make you look like you popped your head into a microwave. And a lot of flat iron straighteners do just that. Well, they don’t burn or dry out your hair excessively right off the bat, but keep using them for a year or so and you’ll slowly start to notice those tresses look parched and in desperate need of some moisture. That’s one of the reasons why I was thrilled to see the AsaVea hair straightening brush. For starters, it’s not a conventional iron that comes riddled with problems like hot patches.

Secondly, a lot of smart people had already used it before me and stated explicitly that this is the best hair straightener in the market. One of my fellow reviewers had the AsaVea hair straightening brush coming in second in our Best hair straightening brush of 2017 poll. After twiddling my thumbs in skepticism for over a year, that recommendation convinced me to buy it last week and here’s my review of the AsaVea Portable hair straightening brush.

AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush 3.0
9 Our Score
  • Compact, intuitive design
  • Easy to grip and use
  • 23 Ceramic heating elements
  • No hot spots
  • Heats up fast
  • Auto shut off
    • Short cord>
    • might not get hot enough for just a few hair types
    Temp. Range8

    Pocket sized hair straightener

    asavea hair straightening brushThe very term ‘hair straightener’ makes you picture an elongated flat iron that’s bulky as hell and would probably help build you some muscles if you use it for long enough.

    Not the AsaVea. This is truly a pocket sized straightener that is only about 10 inches in length and weighs a pleasant 12 ounces. The diameter (width) is about an inch which lets you grip it firmly.

    This would easily slip into your tote or your gym bag and you wouldn’t even notice that it’s there.

    The casing is plastic (DuPont) and quite durable at that. There’s just two control buttons in addition to the main power button. These let you increase the temperature.

    What’s nice about these is that they are positioned perfectly where you’d rest your thumb or your forefinger while using the brush. You can easily adjust the temperature without shifting your fingers or trying to figure out where the buttons are.

    Using the AsaVea Hair straightening brush

    asavea hair straightening brushEverything from the sleek design to the minimalistic controls makes this a breeze to use. AsaVea calls it a portable hair straightening comb and for good reason. It pretty much works like one.

    You plug it in (short cord alert) and set the desired temperature. There are six presets to choose from and once you select a preset, you can lock it by pressing the power button once. This prevents you from accidentally changing the temperature when you are using the straightener.

    It heats up in less than a minute (60 seconds to 365-degrees Fahrenheit).

    And you just brush your hair like you’d do with a regular brush starting from the roots and going to the tip. The heating is even, as there are 23 heating elements packed into the compact package.

    There are no hot spots that char the hair. More importantly, it takes just one pass to straighten the hair to perfection.

    I have slightly curly hair (Type 3B) and I use it at the fourth preset setting at 175 degree Celsius. I am sure that it will work equally well for curlier hair types like 4A to C, but something like the Instyler Rotating Iron may work better for those with hair that’s more coarse.

    The bristles are ceramic coated and hence are not hot on the surface. That’s a fantastic addition to a laundry list of practical features. AsaVea calls it ‘Anti-Scalding’ and this will keep you from accidentally scalding your fingers or even the scalp.

    Also, the straightener has a 30 minute auto shut off function that will ensure that when you are rushing out of home and forget to hit the switch, the Asavea hair straightening brush won’t burn your house down.

    Asavea Hair Straightening Brush: Best Features

    • Super compact design
    • Easy to grip and use
    • 23 Ceramic heating elements
    • Even heating prevents hot patches
    • Heats up to 365-degrees Fahrenheit in just 60 seconds
    • Six preset temperatures to choose from
    • Temperature locking
    • Intuitively placed controls
    • Anti-scalding technology
    • Auto shut off in 30 minutes

    What could be better?

    Frankly, this is one flawless package. I’d never be able to nitpick it nor will I ever be able to switch back to a conventional flat iron for straightening.

    But just in case, someone was to ask me if I’d modify any one feature of the AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush, it would be the cord. The cord is a letdown but only a minor one.

    Just plug in an extension if you are used to walking around with your straightening brush.

    AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush : Final Verdict

    There’s a reason why the AsaVea hair straightening brush is a bestseller on Amazon. It is an excellent straightener that works fast and works way better than any conventional straightening product. If you are still spending a fortune on Brazilian straightening and the likes, then this is the time for an upgrade. Grab one of these today and you can thank me later for it.


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