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Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer Review: Nano Titanium

Babyliss Pro hair dryer babayliss pro nano titanium blow dryerFrom an important meeting at the office, to your best friend’s wedding, there can be hundreds of events where you need to make an impression that lasts forever. Your dress is on point, your Jimmy Choos are perfect, your smoky eye is flawless, but what are you going to do about that wet mop of hair on top of your head?

With a market full of hairdryers, it’s hard to find the perfect hairdryer for yourself. We’ve picked out the best hairdryer that you can possibly get and we’ve reviewed it firsthand to make sure you know what you get when you buy it. So, without further ado, lets talk in depth about the main features, specifications, pros and cons of our new favorite BaByliss Blow Dryer, the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium.

Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer
8 Our Score
  • Sleek Design
  • Cost
  • Styling Options
  • 2000 Watts Drying
  • Airflow Control
  • Slower Drying Speed
Temp. Range6

Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer Features

If you aren’t aware of the company already, let me give you a hint how excellent they are. BaByliss is one of the  pioneers in the grooming industry, working for over a decade to provide you with excellent styling products. Babyliss is a company that understands that you need to look perfect for your special day. Prior to this review, I have reviewed several products from BaByliss and they have always turned out to be fantastic. You can safely say that Babyliss is one of the most trusted brands out there.

No, let’s talk a bit about the product. One from the audience’s favorite list, this BabyLiss hair dryer is currently one of the top-rated products in the market. A consumer favorite from users with straight and curly hair for which it was praised heavily. The powerful airflow of the product provides nice heat but has a bit of a slow drying issue. We’ll discuss later in the review. The hairdryer also happens to be a crowd favorite due to its incredibly low weight.

At merely 1.8 pounds, its perhaps the lightest hairdryer in the market these days, and it’s also easy to use. While the drying speed turned out to be fairly slow, the results were pretty solid when tried it out. Yes, it consumed a little extra time, but the results were worth the wait. With tons of styling options and a sleek titanium body, this BabyLiss hair dryer does complete justice to the price tag. The BaBylissPRO  hair dryer also features a 2000 Watt heating power that works to quickly style your hair. With 6 Heat/Speed settings, the BaByliss blow dryer gives you unlimited grooming options.


  • Sleek Design – On a price tag of $80, there isn’t much to expect from the design of a grooming product, however, the product comes with a premium and sleek titanium design. There are two buttons on the well-designed body to control airflow and heat. Unfortunately, you can only select either low or high.
  • 6 Heat/Settings – With 6 different heat/speed settings to choose from, the possibilities for the perfect hairstyle are endless.
  • 2000 Watts Powerful Styling – The BaByliss Nano Titanium Dryer makes sure styling is done perfectly with the help of a 2000 watts capacity.
  • Light in Weight – For a product of this caliber many were expecting a heavy weight that would be harder to handle. Surprisingly, the folks at BaByliss engineered the product gorgeously to make sure that it is easier to handle while drying beautiful hair. The product weighs merely 1.8 lbs which is close to nothing.
  • Integrated Ion Generator – Introducing Ionic Drying! The Babyliss Pro hair dryer is the first of its kind to introduce ionic drying technology.  Ionic drying doesn’t hurt the hair and allows it to stay just as strong.
  • Nano Titanium Technology – The Babyliss Pro hair dryer features one of a kind Nano Titanium for faster heating speeds and unbelievable results.

Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer Pros

  • Sleek Design – As we mentioned earlier, for a product of a small price range, the product has a sleek premium design that can’t be matched. Additionally, being lightweight this BabyLiss pro hair dryer stands out amongst its competitors.
  • Price Tag – The price tag of the product after all of the features that its packing seems to be the most attractive part to me. It is one of the best products out there in the market and yet it’s, easy on the wallet.
  • Plenty of Styling Options – With plenty of styling options you don’t have much to worry about. The BaByliss hair dryer takes care of everything without having you worry. With newer technologies such as Ionic Drying and Nano Titanium technology, this product definitely provides bang for your buck.
  • 2000 Watts Drying – Dedicated 2000 watts drying for better results while styling your hair.


  • Airflow Control – This is one thing that most users online have complained about. The user chooses between high or low airflow, so your options are a bit limited. With the low airflow being pretty hot already, a ‘medium’ airflow option would have done the job. The high option works perfectly as well but it is very hot according to reviews..
  • Slower Drying Speed – In a hurry to a party? You’re going to want to give this BabyLiss pro hair dryer a couple extra minutes. You may find the drying speed can be slow compared to more expensive pro level hair dryers.

Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer Final Verdict:  

After due consideration of reviews from customers all over the world and also after reviewing the product myself, I’ve come to the conclusion of giving this Babyliss pro hair dryer a 4 out of 5 stars. Sure, it has a few downsides but it has a lot of features up its sleeve that make up for it. The pros clearly outweigh the cons and with unique specifications especially at a price range like this. The Babyliss Pro hair dryer is perhaps one of the best hairdryers on the market.

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