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Chi Flat Iron Reviews: PRO G2 Digital

Chi Flat Iron Pro G2 Digital

As young women, we are constantly reminded to embrace the features that we are lucky to be born with. Although I certainly agree with that, every now and then there are times when you just want to break the mould and try something different. I have naturally curly hair, so for me that “something” is straight hair! The folks at HSR were cool enough to send me a CHI flat iron, the PRO G2 Digital, to review, and I’ve got to say it’s just about the best flat iron I’ve ever used.

There’s just something about straight hair that every woman is drawn to. It’s easy to manage, it feels smooth and soft to the touch, and it makes our hair look longer. What’s not to love about it?

The only downside to straight hair for those who aren’t lucky enough to be born with it is the time and effort it takes to get your locks looking good. Purchasing the best flat iron is the easiest way to cut down the amount of time and effort it takes to create perfect straight hair whenever the urge creeps up, and luckily for you, I think we have found it!

I have tested an unfathomable amount of flat irons in the past, but the one that I would currently recommend the CHI Flat Iron Pro G2 Digital to anyone looking to invest in the best flat iron.

I fell in the love with the product the instant I used it. Let’s jump straight in to what it’s all about:

Chi Pro G2 Digital
8.7 Our Score
  • Smooth glide
  • 425 degrees
  • Easy to use
  • Heats up fast
  • Compact
  • Temp can drop over time
  • Plastic isn't the best
Temp. Range8.5

CHI Flat Iron Pro G2 Digital’s Stand Out Features

Straight off the bat, the most important feature that gives the Pro G2 an almost flawless ability to straighten your hair in a consistently smooth manner is the ceramic material coating on the plates. The ceramic plates can heat up to a maximum of 425 degrees within just 40 seconds, and the heat is dispersed evenly across the plates, making sure you straighten every piece of hair that they touch.

Another welcomed feature is the small, long shape of the titanium ceramic plates, measuring at just an inch thick. Unfortunately, for those with extremely dense curls, the process can take a little bit longer than anticipated when using a one-inch flat iron, but the superior straightening ability of the CHI Flat Iron Pro G2 Digital makes up for that. For those with shorter hair styles, however, these are the perfect addition to your hair care routine.

They are also compact enough to travel with, weighing just 1.1 pounds, and are dual voltage, so you will only need a small travel adapter if you ever need to commute with them.

What I Loved About The CHI Flat Iron Pro G2 Digital

What I loved the most about the CHI Pro G2, besides from their amazing ability to straighten any type of hair relatively fast is the digital temperature display and the pre-set modes that it comes with straight out of the box.

The digital screen will display the temperature of the irons and will also change color depending on how hot they are. The higher the temperature, the better the irons will work on coarser hair, so the color coded guide will alchi-pro-g2-digitallow you to make sure that you are using the perfect amount of temperature that’s just right for your hairs coarseness.

Finding the perfect temperature for your own hair is important if you want to protect it from the damage that prolonged exposure to heat can cause. A CHI flat iron is a must-have if you care about the quality of your hair.

The different pre-set temperatures are easily set using the built-in buttons on the inside part of the flat irons handle. Simply press the correct pre-set temperature button for your style of hair, wait a few seconds and you are ready to go. The buttons are also tucked away inside the hinge of the straighteners, making it near impossible to catch them and accidentally change temperature while midway through a stroke.

To Round Up the Pros of the CHI Flat Iron Pro G2 Digital:

  • The ceramic and titanium flat iron plates provide a smooth, consistent glide without any hair pulling
  • The maximum temperature of 425 degrees gives you as much range as you would possible need for any hair type, from slightly wavy to full blown curls
  • The pre-set temperature buttons and the multicolored digital display are incredibly useful and easy to use
  • The CHI Flat Iron heats up insanely fast – Around 40 seconds, to be precise
  •  They are compact, lightweight and dual voltage making them perfect for travelling

What I Didn’t Love About The CHI Flat Iron Pro G2 Digital

Of course, it wouldn’t be a fair review if I didn’t mention the cons of this product – of which there are only a couple. Like almost every other CHI flat iron it’s a near-perfect product for the features and price point, but there are still things that I feel can be improved.

What I found when putting the G2 through some rigorous testing was that they tend to lose their ability to heat up to the maximum temperature after prolonged use – and by prolonged use, I mean every single day for several months at a time.

If you struggle with coarse, frizzy hair, there is no doubt that you will need to run these things at their highest temperatures (or close to), but don’t be surprised if you find that they can’t heat up to as high a temperature as they once could. However, with that being said, most ceramic and titanium flat irons will suffer the exact same issue after a while, so I would still recommend going with a CHI flat iron over any others.

Finally, the only other small issue that I found with these CHI flat irons is the fact that the plastic material used on the handles was not the best. With that being said, they are unbelievably lightweight and comfortable to hold, so this wasn’t really a problem for us.

It’s obvious that the majority of time and effort has gone into the irons themselves, which is the most important piece of the product after all.

To Round Up the Cons of the CHI Flat Iron Pro G2 Digital:

  • The maximum temperature can drop over time if you are using them a lot on their highest settings
  • The plastic material used for the handles and outer shell feels a little cheap

Our Final Thoughts on the CHI Flat Iron Pro G2 Digital

I genuinely hope that the couple of slight issues that I have just mentioned have not distracted you from the fact that the CHI Pro G2 hair flat irons are probably the best hair straighteners that I have ever used (and trust us, I have a drawer FULL of hair straighteners that I’ve been disappointed with).

They are lightweight, easy to use, come with color coded temperatures, have pre-programmed buttons, and are dual voltage, which are awesome on their own, but most importantly, they are also consistent and reliable.

They protect your hair from heat damage, and glide through your hair effortlessly without any pulling or snagging.

If you are looking for an ideal flat iron for anything but the thickest, curliest, most coarse hair, I would highly recommend that you check out any CHI flat iron, but specifically this one. For straightening hair, these flat irons are simply the best in the business.

I’m confident that you won’t be disappointed with your purchase!


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