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Instyler Rotating Iron review

Instyler Rotating Iron review

There’s a reason why versatile hair styling tools are looked upon with a dash of contempt by styling experts. Multitasking sounds like a dream on paper. But when put to the test, these rarely stand up to their claims. The Instyler rotating iron broke that stereotype for us.

When InStyler launched a 2-way rotating iron, which officially marked their foray into the ‘multitasking styling tool universe’, there was a lot of skepticism.

How can a single tool straighten, curl or wave hair while helping control fizz, improve the shine and volume?

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

We thought so too and with a pinch of salt, we set out to review this versatile styling tool that has garnered rave reviews in very little time.

Instyler Rotating Iron Hair Straighteing brush

Curling Iron Hybrid with a bunch of fancy features

The first impression that you get when you take the InStyler rotating iron out of the box is how similar it looks to a curling iron.

The most notable difference is a set of ionic bristles on the flat iron side, clubbed with a tourmaline ceramic smoothing plate.

The curling side of the iron features a tourmaline barrel which rotates both ways, as is made obvious by the name. It is available in two different barrel sizes. The first one is a 1 ¼ “barrel and the other one is ¾ inch barrel. Your choice should depend on the length and thickness of your hair.

The construction is top notch and you can make out straight away that it isn’t one of those cheap, flimsy drugstore hair irons. Also, it features a 6 foot long professional Swivel Cord that gives you ample room to move about without tripping or the wire entangling in your cosmetics or toiletries.

There are four temperature settings to choose from, 285 being the lowest and the highest at 425. InStyler also throws in a thermal clip which is a protective device that will save you from burning your fingers by accidentally touching the hot barrel while using the iron.

Using the InStyler rotating hot iron

The ease or difficulty of using the InStyler 2-way iron depends a lot on whether are using it for straightening your hair, curling, adding volume, adding flipped ends or for beachy waves.

Some are fairly straightforward, while others take a little getting used to.

Straightening: Straightening is the easiest of the lot and it is very similar to a conventional flat iron in its action. Your hair goes between the flat iron and the barrel with the flat side facing outwards. You clamp down and drag the iron from the roots to the edges as the barrels rotate. The heating time is extremely fast and you can rotate the barrel in the natural direction of the hair, especially at the edges to fasten the process. Overall, The Instyler rotating iron is a great straightening tool and does not pull at the hair or cause frizz. The heat is even and the hair attains a sleek and shiny finish.

Volume: If you are looking to add volume, then the usage is very similar to the straightening process. The only difference is that the tool must be positioned a lot closer to the scalp and left there for a short time. Ensure that you use the right heat setting for your hair to prevent it from being damaged. While this is not the best feature of the InStyler, it does manage to add a fair bit volume to the hair.

Curling/Waves: The InStyler rotating iron’s ability to create soft, bouncy and natural looking beachy waves is quite popular among users. With spring around the corner, it is the perfect time for that casual and bouncy look. And the InStyler makes it ridiculously easy to do it too. Just wrap or wind a section of the hair around the barrel, press down the flat side and the barrel starts to rotate automatically. Release the clamp after a few seconds and the barrel stops rotating. That’s it. You are now ready to move on to another portion of your hair. If you use large portions of hair, it creates beautiful waves whereas it creates curls when used with small portions of hair. The broader barrel makes it more effective in creating curls as compared to a conventional curling iron.

Instyler Rotating Iron curls and waves

Other than this, you can also use it for flipped edges which look divine especially, if you have layered hair.

The standout feature of the InStyler  is the rotating barrel and while most people, including us thought of it to be a marketing gimmick, it really does add an edge to your styling needs.

The tool works fast and it offers near flawless styling no matter what look you are trying to achieve. It does take some getting used to, especially for curling and adding volume because you have to go about it slowly and give the barrel enough time to rotate and complete

The best features of the InStyler Rotating Iron

  • Tourmaline Ceramic Floating Plate
  • Ionic Bristles
  • Heated 2-way rotating barrel for easy styling
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Works equally well for all hair types

To sum it up

If like us, you thought that multitasking styling tools don’t work, then wait till you try the InStyler rotating iron. Priced under $90, it offers endless possibilities when it comes to styling your hair and to top it off, it is extremely easy to use. Highly recommended!



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