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Paul Mitchell Flat Iron Reviews: Pro Tools Neuro Smooth

Paul Mitchell Flat Iron Reviews: Pro Tools Neuro Smooth

My quest for a flat iron began a few months ago after the ceramic monstrosity that I bought off the shelf at Walmart kicked the bucket after it fell off the dressing table. Enter my newest tool- a Paul Mitchell flat iron.

paul mitchell flat iron reviews pro tools neuro smooth+

Ever heard ‘You get what you pay for’? I am a believer now.

I have type 4B hair and I was looking for something that allowed me better control over the temperature and had an even heat transfer rate, devoid of extremely hot or cold spots.

After I spent a good ten days researching and speaking to people with similar hair like mine, who had used flat irons in the recent past, I narrowed down on three models. One of them had the most positive customer ratings and fit right into my budget.

It is the Neuro Smooth Iron from Paul Mitchell. Despite ‘titanium’ plates occasionally getting a bad rap about not being the best of choices for someone with sensitive hair, buying it has been one of the best decisions that I have made in recent times.

Built like a tank

I am not clumsy with my styling tools and I take a reasonable amount of care to ensure that I don’t accidentally drop them. At the same time, I’d expect a flat iron to survive a fall from a 24 inch height onto a carpeted floor.

Thankfully, this Paul Mitchell flat iron is built like a tank. The Neuro feels sturdy and durable and you can be rest assured that it can take a few bumps in its stride without conking off.

But it is not bulky or heavy. You can hold it easily while styling your hair which for me, is a prerequisite.

At the center are 2 cushioned titanium plates that have slightly raised edges. I suppose that this is to prevent any bends or lines in the hair.

There are four main control buttons on the Paul Mitchell flat iron, one power button, one menu button which allows you to toggle between preset recommended temperature settings for different hair types and two plus & minus buttons to adjust the temperature in increments of 10 degrees. These buttons are also used for setting the auto shut-off time.

An LCD display on the casing shows you the selected preset, the temperature and the shut off time.

The Neuro features a generous 9 feet long swivel cord which is integrated with a hanging loop making it easy to use.

paul mitchell flat iron

Using the Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Iron

I was expecting the titanium plates to heat up faster than my previous ceramic flat iron. But this is lightning fast. It goes to 450F in less than 30 seconds.

That may also be because this iron is from their professional range of tools that demands fast heating and quick recovery times.

It features a SmartSense microchip that continually monitors the heat as you use the iron. The literature that came with the unit says that it monitors the temperature 50 times per second. This prevents hot spots and ensures quick heat recovery if you are reusing the iron after it shuts off automatically.

More importantly, it works perfectly for my hair. The hair doesn’t get caught in the plates and there is no frizz. It is shiny, smooth and perfectly straight in just one or two passes. In the long run, this will prevent my hair from getting excessively damaged.

I always use it at 430 F which is the default preset setting for coarse hair. I tried it at 450 F once and accidentally singed a patch of hair when I stopped for too long to check a text message. So, I’d recommend that you choose the temperature carefully if you have not used titanium plates before.

Thankfully, the controls are positioned perfectly allowing you to reduce the temperature on-the-go without changing hands or fiddling with the unit too much.

What I like about my new Paul Mitchell Flat Iron

  • Lightweight but sturdy design
  • LCD display on the casing
  • Easy-to-access buttons
  • Titanium plates that heat up to 450F in just 30 seconds
  • Preset temperature settings for different hair types
  • Easy to adjust temperature
  • Shut off time of 1-120 minutes
  • Integrated microchip technology that ensures even heat transfer
  • Recovers in quick time
  • No tangles or fizz
  • 9 feet long swivel cord allows ample room to move about

To sum it up

The Paul Mitchell Neuro is an amazing flat hair iron. My usage with it has been limited to straightening. But it can very easily be your go-to hair iron for creating waves or flips too. It heats fast, is easy to use and has an even heat transfer rate. Priced just under $150, it is a tad more expensive than drugstore irons.

But like I said at the start, you get what you pay for. And I’d rather pay a few extra dollars, buy a Paul Mitchell flat iron and pick a product that’s reliable and going to last for the next few years at least.

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